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Attention, Carmelites! - Deidre - 04-17-2009

I'm finding myself more attracted to the Carmelite order, and I'd like some materials to help me understand Carmelite spirituality.  I have some of St. Teresa of Avila's works, as well as Divine Intimacy, but I was wondering if there were an easier, introduction-like book that sets everything out and explains things for the beginner. Thanks, everyone!

Re: Attention, Carmelites! - Tulkas - 04-17-2009

Divine Intimacy is easy.

Re: Attention, Carmelites! - Etheldreda - 04-17-2009

Assuming you are female, you absolutely must read "My Beloved: The Story of a Carmelite Nun" by Sister Catherine Thomas of Divine Providence.

It is out of print, but I really hope you can order it reasonably from somewhere.

I promise you will love it! It's such a good read (very interesting and well written!) I think it will help with your discernment as well.