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Pepsi Co. - LatinPassion - 06-05-2009

Just thought I would post this.

Re: Pepsi Co. - Iuvenalis - 06-06-2009

Weird, because the LDS Church owns a *ton* of PepsiCo.

Re: Pepsi Co. - WhollyRoaminCatholic - 06-06-2009

I don't drink Pepsi (unless it's the only option) because they're prottys.

Pepsi Cola was so named because it's an anagram of Episcopal.

Heretic soda.

Re: Pepsi Co. - Texican - 06-06-2009

Pepsi?   :puke:

Re: Pepsi Co. - Historian - 06-06-2009

As Mr. Pax says, Pepsi makes your teeth squeak because it's too sweet.  For that reason, we've always boycotted it.

Re: Pepsi Co. - didishroom - 06-06-2009

I hate Pepsi but I love Pepsi prdocut: Mountain Dew!!! Though Coke is the better "Cola."

Re: Pepsi Co. - spasiisochrani - 06-06-2009

(06-05-2009, 11:41 PM)LatinPassion Wrote: Just thought I would post this.

American Family Association?  Aren't these the same guys who claimed they were bringing the Ford Motor Company to its knees by boycotting Ford products?  Ford is now the only one of the Big Three automakers that is not in bankruptcy.

Apparently it's time to buy stock in Pepsico.

Re: Pepsi Co. - Iuvenalis - 06-06-2009

Good point, I thought something similar but got distracted from posting it: Boycotts never work (that I'm aware of).

Re: Pepsi Co. - WhollyRoaminCatholic - 06-06-2009

Would monarchists drink RC?

Re: Pepsi Co. - jovan66102 - 06-06-2009

(06-06-2009, 08:41 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote: Would monarchists drink RC?

I love it!