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Jacobites? - BrevisVir55 - 08-02-2009

I thought there were only a few left but apparently there are a lot more than I thought. Any here? What exactly does a modern Jacobite want exactly? I'm not aware of any Stuarts who put a claim to the throne in the past 100 years, so....

Re: Jacobites? - devotedknuckles - 08-02-2009

who knows? but if there is a fishie who does know his name would be Jovan. search for him lad! seek and ye shall find.

Re: Jacobites? - Resurrexi - 08-02-2009

I take it that you are not talking about the Jacobites mentioned [url=http://""]here[/url]?

Re: Jacobites? - veritatem_dilexisti - 08-03-2009

The Jacobite Heritage is the best source of information on Jacobitism that I know of.

Re: Jacobites? - Jacobite - 08-03-2009

These may help:

Re: Jacobites? - jovan66102 - 08-03-2009

The last Jacobite claimant to make any claim to the throne was His Eminence Henry, Cardinal Duke of York. Modern Jacobites recognise Franz, Duke of Bavaria as the 'legitimate king', but he makes no claim. Indeed, many years ago I wrote to his late father Ruprecht and asked his position. He replied that he had no desire to 'disturb his cousin Elizabeth in the possession of her throne'.

I know quite a few Catholics who are Jacobites because Haus Wittelsbach is as well. However, the Holy See specifically refused to recognise 'Bonnie Prinve Charlie' as King Charles III on the death of his father James and this despite the urgent request of his brother the Cardinal. De facto recognition of the House of Hanover dates from this, with de jure diplomatic recognition coming in the reigns of St Pius X and King Edward VII.