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Re: My daughter just recieved Communion and hasn't even made her first confession - DJR - 09-02-2009

(08-30-2009, 11:45 PM)Reichsjager Wrote: Okay, so here's the skinny:

My six year old daughter received Communion today. By accident. 

I was in the pew and proceeded up the main aisle, while my wife proceeded to another area on the Communion Rail, because she had been in the vestibule with my 5 month old son and my daughter.  I didn't see what happened but according to my wife, she received Communion, and proceeded to get up and head back to the pew. Apparently my daughter lagged behind a bit, and after the Priest blessed her, she proceeded to open her mouth, and he gave her the Host. Obviously, she didn't run around and play with it. I saw her on her way back down the aisle, with her head bowed and her hands joined in front of her as she marched down the aisle, same as usual, then knelt and said a Hail Mary like she usually does after she gets blessed.

Obviously , I am at a loss. I'm not concerned my daughter meant any sort of disrespect or took the situation with any less seriousness than it deserves. She is very enthusiastic for the faith, regularly prays the Rosary with me, and frequently asks me to read her excerpts from her Lives of the Saints book or a Saint's Bio out of the Liturgical Year in lieu of your ordinary talking animal based bed time story. My fallen away Mother has often sarcastically remarked that she hopes I don't want grandchildren because I'm raising a Nun.

So where do I go from here? Should I address this with the Priest or let it blow by? I was always under the impression that he was aware she had not made her First Communion yet, and it has previously been a subject of conversation for us, especially around the time of my son's Baptism. I'm also clueless as to why he gave her the Eucharist after he had already Blessed her.

I'm open to any suggestions or comments.

I would just forget it.  No harm done. 

It is a practice of the Byzantine rites that children receive their First Holy Communion before making their first confessions, so it is a matter of discipline and nothing more.  The young children at the parishes I attend receive Holy Communion every Sunday.  Some of them are too young to even talk, let alone make their first confession.  One parish is Ruthenian; the other is Melkite.