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Newsflash for Jovan! - limey123 - 11-06-2009

Jovan just called me to let me know that he now currently homeless as the bookstore he's been living in has been closed, for non-payment of rent by his boss. Unfortunately I'm presently in no position to come to his aid right now, however if you don't hear from him for a while you'll know why. This comes on a top of a recent deportation notice by the Canadian government , with a deportation date for him expected soon. So please keep Jovan in your prayers and if anyone can help please let me know & I'll pass on the message.  :pray:

Re: Newsflash for Jovan! - Texican - 11-06-2009


Re: Newsflash for Jovan! - Louis_Martin - 11-06-2009

Only way I can help right now.

Re: Newsflash for Jovan! - WhollyRoaminCatholic - 11-06-2009

Poor guy just can't get a break.


Re: Newsflash for Jovan! - devotedknuckles - 11-06-2009

Don't know what's up burt if can get a train or bus to TO
Ill put him up.

Re: Newsflash for Jovan! - INPEFESS - 11-06-2009


Is there some way I can help?

Re: Newsflash for Jovan! - SCG - 11-06-2009


Re: Newsflash for Jovan! - CanadianCatholic - 11-06-2009

:pray2: :pray2:

Re: Newsflash for Jovan! - moneil - 11-06-2009


Re: Newsflash for Jovan! - Marc - 11-06-2009

Jovan was living in a bookstore? Double whammy.


pssst! Jovan's PayPal account: