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Re: How many "meals" a day? - serviam - 11-19-2009

(11-18-2009, 11:05 PM)RalphKramden Wrote:
(11-18-2009, 09:27 PM)SoCalLocal Wrote: On workdays, breakfast is a couple cups of black coffee and a muffin or sweetroll. Something I can eat in the car.
Lunch could be a sandwich, but usually just something I grabbed from the pantry. Cheese, crackers, some cookies, maybe a granola bar. A boiled egg, perhaps.
Dinner is the big meal.

Really, my usual diet generally meets the wimpy modern requirements for fasting. The first two meals hardly add up to a full real meal! 

Days off are another story. I may have two breakfasts, go grab whatever fast-food I've been craving, and a full dinner!
I think we're eating habit twins :laughing:
I was going to reply, but after reading your post, I'm just going to say "Yeah, me too"
This sounds like me as well.

Re: How many "meals" a day? - Texican - 11-19-2009

Whatever, whenever.

Re: How many "meals" a day? - serviam - 11-19-2009

(11-19-2009, 12:01 PM)Texican Wrote: Whatever, whenever.

Re: How many "meals" a day? - mom - 11-19-2009

Currently I eat a small snack size portion of food 1-3 times a day but there are extenuating circumstances currently.
Typically I eat a small breakfast-either a small bowl of hot or cold cereal and small cup of coffee, lunch is a sandwich or maybe leftovers and then we have a typical sit down dinner. Dh doesn't eat breakfast or lunch, just dinner and maybe  a snack inn the afternoon. Kids eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and graze all day. everyone is a healthy weight except me. kids tend towards to the low end of average or underweight.

Re: How many "meals" a day? - DesperatelySeeking - 11-19-2009

(11-18-2009, 07:35 PM)Rosarium Wrote:
(11-18-2009, 07:29 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote: Call me a traditionalist, but I believe in 3 meals a day.  It's more than the process of taking in calories.  Food is not just fuel for your meat machine.
Three meals a day is a cultural artifact. There is nothing special about three meals a day, although it is worshiped by many westerners.
Somehow it doesn't seem to fetishistic to me to be hungry when you wake up in the morning, and then feel hunger every 6 to 7 hours after that.  Are we ignoring biology here?

Or is this just some Western Civ-bashing?  Perhaps there's a mystical and superior Oriental society where they eat every 30 minutes?

Re: How many "meals" a day? - AntoniusMaximus - 11-19-2009

I usually eat one fairly big meal a day, but lately I have been having such cravings, I might be pregnant.

Anyhow, if you want a secret to lose weight or stabilize weight, eat an early fairly light breakfast, then eat a large hearty meal at 2, and nothing afterwards not even a banana unless you do like a run or something, and drink plenty of water you got to flush out those salts.  you'll drop like 40 pounds in two months if you do this with moderate excerising, at least it did for me. 

Re: How many "meals" a day? - INPEFESS - 11-19-2009

(11-18-2009, 06:52 PM)Rosarium Wrote: I am curious about people eat around here.

I don't think I fit any of those, so I can't really answer. What do you mean by "highly irregular"?

Re: How many "meals" a day? - WhollyRoaminCatholic - 11-19-2009

(11-19-2009, 08:15 PM)INPEFESS Wrote: What do you mean by "highly irregular"?

I think it means that you need more whole grains and roughage.

Re: How many "meals" a day? - cgraye - 11-19-2009

Two meals, lunch and dinner.

Re: How many "meals" a day? - SoCalLocal - 11-19-2009

(11-19-2009, 09:23 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote:
(11-19-2009, 08:15 PM)INPEFESS Wrote: What do you mean by "highly irregular"?

I think it means that you need more whole grains and roughage.
I was just waiting for someone to comment in this vein. +1