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What will a Marxist America look like? - LaramieHirsch - 12-26-2009

Okay, okay.  I know I'm just so joyous and perky today, but I wanna take it down a level, if you can imagine that.

I was just thinking today that the thing that drives Marxists isn't necessarily their idea of a Marxist Utopia, as it is their pleasure of wiping out all traces of U.S. Capitalism and all traces of God from the Earth.  Of course, all us good Catholics can recognize this satanic zeitgest among the Marxists as pure evil and possibly an extreme and wide-ranging form of diabolical possession.  (At least, I think so.)

God manifests Himself in our creations, inventions, and imaginations.  Everything from fairytales and music to computer software, aluminum siding, and even weaponry.  Exellence in craftsmanship is a trait straight from God.

If Marxism seeks to delete God from us, and America becomes such a place, I wonder what our country will resemble.  Will Hollywood still put out filthy movies?  Will radio stations contiune to pump out new songs?  Will there be any technical innovations?  Will innovation be allowed under Satan--I mean Marxism. 

(I suppose I could ask a side question.  Did the Soviet Union or Cambodia come up with anything nice that we use today?  Does Venezuela have anything new out?)

happy holidays

Re: What will a Marxist America look like? - Vetus Ordo - 12-26-2009

Obama is a safe step towards that Marxist America.

Re: What will a Marxist America look like? - mike6240 - 12-26-2009

It will probably look alot like capitalist (communist) China looks today.

Re: What will a Marxist America look like? - GodFirst - 12-26-2009

LaramieHirsch, Communisim doesn't work. Society under Marxism just wouldn't work. People will not function under such restriction of true freedom.
Also the top Communists do not have communism as their objective, but just control for their agenda of a materialist New World Order. Our present capitalistic materialism is just as much a part of Satan's order as atheistic communism is.

Re: What will a Marxist America look like? - Tim - 12-26-2009

Commie Capitalist China is the new model. Marxists are yesterdays bogey man. All of the "useful idiots" which the "Masters of the Universe" are Hegelian nit wits.
Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis is their method. Rahm the ballerina Emanuel said that Barack Hussein Obama is a Master of Synthesis. We are past the Capitalist. and Communist stages we are being dragged into the Synthesis stage, which coincidentally fits nicely with the synthesis of all errors which we are all aware of. The idea is to create more institutions like the IMF or the World Bank or the World Trade Organisation. These are not democratic, nor are they elected by the people. The idea is to take all the real power up into organisations like these and leave us to vote on the days for garbage collection and such, while these elitists determine who will live and who will die and how that is going to happen. Look at the EU, their is nothing which the people of Europe can say or do to change what they will enact, and this is coming to America. The TARP was experiment 1, the bailout was 2, now the Health Care is 3. The idea is this pass the legislation give full authority to a nebulous few and have them make changes which Congress can not have any effect on. This is the wicked new meaning of the old phrase "up the organisation"

Re: What will a Marxist America look like? - neel - 12-26-2009

There are very few actual Marxists out there attempting to do anything, at least in America.  They are a microscopic minority of the left.

Re: What will a Marxist America look like? - glgas - 12-26-2009

If the Marxism is the system controlling the East Block countries, that was the Capitalism of the State. As today in the Western world  less than 1000 families control the full economy (and most part of the economy of the world) also the media, the governments and practically everything so in that time less that 1000 families as political leaders of the state controlled everything.

The difference was that the 'marxism' due to some widely promulgated ideas, provided free education, health care, housing, total employment for everybody; what the ownership limited to a few families in the Western world does not provides.

From that especially the free education represented a powerful balancing control. Within two generation a new set of potential leaders grew up, who did not believed in the control limited to a few people. The political system was finished, because the former leaders decided that it is better to rule as their western relatives rule: based on the limited ownership of the goods. that is more stable (not for the full population but for their control) than the political power.

Re: What will a Marxist America look like? - Heinrich - 12-26-2009

Marxism has slowly manifested itself over the past 100 years. Most noticeably, however, was in the 60s, even though most of us were not there, but we were the eventual stools and tools of the 70s and 80s. Popular culture and the schools are the soft Marxisms of the Frankfurt School and now we have an ever more cretinous society where porn and savageness are ripe. It is all a part of a diabolical plan put forth by such dichotomous organizations as the Rockefellars(sp?) and cultural subversives such as the Frankfurt School. Roll it all up and society is now enslaved to mammon and Satan. Endgame approaches.

Re: What will a Marxist America look like? - Baskerville - 12-27-2009

I think we'll go the Scandanavian way where we pay 80% taxes and everything is done for us and we are told what to think. Just give two more years of Obama and you'll know for sure.

Re: What will a Marxist America look like? - churchesoffortwayne - 12-28-2009

Or america sees what is happening and finaly relize that nutjob Glen Beck was right all along and vote people into congress to put the breaks on the liberalazation of america and delay it a few more years, but much damage has been done, and our ecconomy almost collapsed 2 times in the last 10 years on 9-11 and last year with the markets in free fall, it was very real the threat and then in comes the oligarcy of rich people that will sop up the last of the power and turn us into worse slaves for the man more then we already are, while they continue there debauchery and there wont be a thing we can do as the last of our control was striped away.