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New GIRM? - Petertherock - 12-28-2009

Someone sent this to me in an e-mail..

Can we NOT presume that ICEL & USCCB may begin work on a new GIRM that may include:

'The Lord be with you' and the response 'Whuf whuf whif whuuu'?  You think not?  Would you wager a tithe?   


Re: New GIRM? - Baskerville - 12-28-2009

Wow. At least he didnt give his dog communion like I have heard some NO presiders do. That place looks more like the protestant crystal cathedral than anything Catholic.

Re: New GIRM? - Petertherock - 12-28-2009

And before any NO defenders give me the line about youtube clips being protestant Churches falsely identified as Catholic Churches this is the web site for this Church...and from what I hear these types of services are normal at this Church...

Re: New GIRM? - DrBombay - 12-28-2009

i'm more offended by the design of that church than the dog.  i thought it was a shopping mall.  the dog is just a stupid brute, the architect is presumably a sentient being with a rational soul....why he designed such a stupidly irrational (and ugly) building is a mystery.

Re: New GIRM? - churchesoffortwayne - 12-28-2009

Seeing those videos of abuses Boils MY BLOOD, What the blooming heck IS THE CLERGY THINKING?  They cannot even call some of the abominations mass.  Much needs corrected done but we have made quite a bit of progress combating the errors in the last three years under Pope Bennedict.  Still the traditional mass can be daunting to a new catholic that does not know about it, or catholics that only know Novas Ordo which If they would have kept the chant, latin, and still faced the altar to the east We might not be having this conversation today now would we?

btw they renovated the chaple at the cathedral, they striped away part of the band of marble around the altar reredos that made it look like and art deco clock and cut it up to make seats and a paupet out of.  and they riped the communion rail that was beautiful red marble and did likewise with it.  the chaple looks nice but kind of scared compared to what it was like before.


signed Jeremy preservationist of the churches of Fort Wayne.

Re: New GIRM? - Vetus Ordo - 12-28-2009

The Novus Ordo Church in all its glory.

Re: New GIRM? - Credo - 12-28-2009

What are people getting bent out of shape over? A dog wasn't kept on a leash, or who escaped from the rectory, wanders into a church and people are blaming the Missal of Paul VI? You can't be serious. Would you have the dog shot on the spot and called a Modernist?

That was amazing - SoCalLocal - 12-28-2009

Did you all see that?

Father made it out the door before the congregation. Amazing.

Re: New GIRM? - Historian - 12-28-2009

Title of this thread had me all excited. I read parts of the GIRM a few days ago and was happy to find that it suggest Gregorian chant, using Latin for the Credo and Pater Noster, having a crucifix and candles on the altar and maintaining silence in the church prior to Mass. It's unfair to say "The Novus Ordo Church in all its glory" because these things are liturgical abuses precisely because they go against the liturgical laws of the "Novus Ordo Church".

The priest looked surprised anyway, the dog probably just escaped and went to its owner.

Re: New GIRM? - Historian - 12-28-2009

I do not think this forum is the place for things like this.