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Re: New GIRM? - churchesoffortwayne - 01-12-2010

dido, especialy the liturgical music, instead of teaching the congregation how to sing the new ones they let them have their own way, even in my home parish they wont use the music even the song of our patron, they say its too hard to teach a refrain while they sing the verses like on would a psalm, they dont deny the talent of Mary but they think it too hard to use music that is written in a more traditional fashion for the post councial period.  ???

Re: New GIRM? - DesperatelySeeking - 01-12-2010

(01-07-2010, 06:58 AM)Credo Wrote:
DesperatelySeeking Wrote:Welcome to the real world....everybody wants to live life to the fullest

I seriously doubt that statement. I've found most people are quite content with mediocracy.

Mediocrity?  Perhaps by your standards.  Maybe they're content on their own terms.