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Would anyone be my friend??? - AntoniusMaximus - 01-14-2010

I haven't been with a good social network lately, so I figured I would try to find new friends and I am not just talking about the occasional email, I would like some penpals with good old paper and pen or folks that I could chat online with after a long day at work.  Perhaps someday plan trips and go on pilgrimmages and hunting trips.

ok, some of the basics:

Name: Anthony
Location:  Springville, Pa currently
Occupation: Mudlogging Geologist working for an oil and gas company
Religion: Roman Catholic (capital R and C)
Age: 24ish
Ethnicity: mostly Italian, though everyone says I look Jewish
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Education Level:  Bachelor of Science in Geology

Why should you be friends with me?  Beside that I am really, really ridiculously awesome.  I don't know, that is the gamble you have to take.  I am fairly easy kind of guy to get along with there are just some little pet peeves that you don't have to worry with as you don't have to same a house with me.  I am very shy, very sweet, I think only recently have been called something unflattery (work on a rig long enough and you should see).

Perks of being friends with me?  Well, I like to cook, and if by golly you are near or something you are going to some of the best darn cooked meals like ever, Gordon Ramsey ain't got nothing on me.  If you are walking on a sandy beach, I can explain to you the whole depositional environment and what is going on behind the scenes.

What best describes me?  Super Nerd, well I ain't a computer Jedi, but I am a real information worm, I absorb it like one would absorb trichloroethylene (something I work with occasionally).  I am a sci-fi fanatic .  I am really outgoing, you will not see someone happier to go out in 8 degree weather to get freezing samples off the rig.  I have travelled extensively, climbed a lot of mountains, wadded across rivers.  I live for adventure, to explore all the strange new worlds, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

What things make you happy?  beer,  baseball, football, orthodoxy, camping, star grazing

What things displease you?  hippies, commie-nazis, eco-whackos, nutters

What am I looking for in a friend?  Well, consistency is one thing, really it is the most important thing.  It doesn't have to be daily, but once a week, month, some kind of schedule, which I know is hard, but real friendship is something that is priceless and does not have a time limit.  Someone who has some good life experiences, things to discuss, explore, let interesting stuff like Devonian sandstones or Shakespeare.

If interested leave a post or message, any other questions leave a post as well.  I am open to all ages and places and stuff likes that. 

Re: Would anyone be my friend??? - Mac_Giolla_Bhrighde - 01-16-2010

Do you no longer reside in the Republic? I could correspond perhaps on a monthly basis if you want news from home. I have some interests in Geology, specifically Mineralogy. Just an amateur fancy. I haven't explored that hobby much of late due to the usual work and things getting the way.

Re: Would anyone be my friend??? - devotedknuckles - 02-21-2010

Sure ill be ur friend.
We would have to fight first. I figure u being a rock lugger u have a good set o knuckles.
Other then that.
Take care