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Babka - Satori - 01-24-2010

I'm curious about old-fashioned cakes leavened with yeast, and I'd like to try a recipe for babka or something similar. Does anyone have a recipe s/he knows to be good? Give it to me! I am keen to set my oven on fire again.

Re: Attention, Polish People! - JayneK - 01-24-2010

Since the ethnic foods are virtually identical, I checked my Lithuanian cookbook.  This reminded me why I have never made babka.  That section starts off with a daunting  introduction:
Quote:"Boba" is a tradtional Easter cake.  It is not easy to make; great care and accuracy is required in its preparation. Usually, these cakes are high, round, six-cornered or octagon shaped.  They need to be baked in an even heat.

Other pointers
- baked more than an hour
- do not touch once put in oven until done
- flour must be good quality and very dry
-if melted butter is used, do not use sediment
- egg yolks must be creamed with sugar until white in colour

Re: Babka - Satori - 01-25-2010

Okay, I've changed the title so that all bakers will hear my plea, not just the ones who had a Polish grandmother. Come on, people! With all of the ethnic people here who are good cooks and sons and daughters of good cooks, one of you must know of a good recipe for this cake!