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Clear Creek Abbey - Texican - 02-13-2010

From my e-mail:

Some news from Oklahoma

Quote: Thought I would give everyone an update on Clear Creek.

Clear Creek was named an Abbey on the Feast of St. Scholastica(Wednesday) and Father Phillip Anderson was named Abbot on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes(Thursday), the anniversary of the dedication of the monastery 10 years ago.  Abbot Forgoet said his last Mass as Abbot of the monastery on Thursday morning, with the Mass intention for Father Francis de Feydeau, who passed away in November.  Father de Feydeau had great devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes so it was fitting for Abbot Forgeot to offer the Mass for him.

It was an amazing thing for some of us to have experienced the 10 years of growth to get to this day for the monks.  It was also bittersweet since Father Abbot Forgeot from France was saying his farewell as Abbot, the monastery no longer a Daughter House under his care, and giving the keys over to Abbot Anderson.  It was moving to see Abbot Anderson kneel outside the doors of the crypt/chapel, kiss the pectoral cross, and the monks going forward with their hands between Father Abbots to show their obedience to him.  The monks faces glowed, a few of them entered the monastery at the same time as Abbot Anderson some 25 years ago.

Abbot Forgeot brought with him from France three big abbey bells from a monastery that had been closed.  The bells sound like the ones on the "Sound of Music".  They definitely are abbey bells that ring throughout Cherokee County, Oklahoma.  They were tolled on Wednesday when the it was made an Abbey and also on Thursday when a new abbot was named.  The excitement was similar to when the Pope was announced, however, instead of hearing the words," Habemus Papam" , Father Bethel said, "Habemus Abbam".

God Bless to All,

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