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Vows of Silence by Jason Berry - adpatrem - 04-11-2010

I am half way through Jason Berry's book dealing with abuse under the papacy of Venerable Karol Wojtyla with a focus on Nuestro Padre (aka Fr. Marcial Maciel).  In some cases I had to re-read paragraphs because I was in disbelief.  The fact that it took 50 years before the man was sentenced to a life of prayer and penitence is flat-out unreal.  "Pope Pius XII said it would be okay for you to masturbate me."  Are you kidding?  Let me ask again:  are you kidding?  To another seminarian he allegedly said, "Your brother has a problem with masturbation.  I know a special doctor in Spain that can help him resolve this problem but first I need a sample of your semen."  (paraphrasing a bit).  The 18 year old man, who had never committed an act against purity had his pants down seconds later and Maciel masturbated him and placed his semen in a flask "to send to the doctor in Spain."  Then, Maciel said "God will reward you for your heroic act."  Are you kidding?  Pope Benedict XVI will have no choice but to completely disband the entire Legion.

Re: Vows of Silence by Jason Berry - devotedknuckles - 04-11-2010

Have a drink lad.
The battle hasn't even begun yet!!

Re: Vows of Silence by Jason Berry - Tim - 04-11-2010

Have a drink is right, in fact have a couple of three. I am not defending Marciel Maciel but we need to realise this is how the world is now. This is epidemic. We are insulated and try to be chaste, but out side the door is Sodom and Gommorah. It is every where, and this Priest seems guilty as hell. At times it reminds me of the people painted in Peter Breughel or Hieronymus Bosch just more depraved.

Re: Vows of Silence by Jason Berry - adpatrem - 04-12-2010

From what I've read thus far it seems that Maciel was pure evil. 

And, one must ask if he was even validly ordained a priest.  Apparently, he was removed from two seminaries due to problems that weren't mentioned.  He, of course, used those instances to his advantage saying the Jesuits were trying to smear him because he wanted to start his own religious order.  So, without proper training, he was ordained by a relative of his who was a bishop.  From what his secretary said, he couldn't even spell simple words correctly.  The secretary had to craft all letters for him.  This book reads like a bad dream.  Truth is stranger than fiction it's said.  This case proves it. 

My favorite line, apparently drilled into the brains of the poor unassuming seminarians, had Maciel in the early days going door to door begging for money for his order.  When spat upon by someone he reportedly said with true humility "Okay, that was for me.  Now, how about giving some money for my seminarians."  The former seminarian who told the story said "we thought he was a saint for that.  And then we realized that he took that story from St. Philip Neri." 

With Berry's latest article, which explains how Maciel was able to hide for 5 decades--bribery of top curial officials--heads need to roll.  The first being Sodano.

Re: Vows of Silence by Jason Berry - Historian - 04-12-2010

i think that if i were you i would stop reading the book now.  there's only so much filth a person can take at one time and it may get worse.  don't ruin any more of your life learning about Maciel when you already know he was scum. 

Re: Vows of Silence by Jason Berry - Tim - 04-12-2010

i.p.i. has a very good point adpatrem, this book could drive you over the edge. I couldn't take Randy Engels excerpts on line. There is no other way to react and this poison can fester in your heart.