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The Deferred Revenge of Flight-Bishop Mixa - Augstine Baker - 04-23-2010

The flight of the hireling Mixa promises a great media storm against the old liberal and neoconservative Bishops. The real shepherd dispatches the wolf. For the others, shame isn't enough. Now the Bishop of Feldkirch is on the line.

( Feldirch) After the cowardly flight of Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg now the Bishop of Feldkirch, Mons. Elmar Rischer (73) is being hunted by media hell.

Feldkirch is the most westerly Austrian Diocese.

The church-hostile Austrian media concern which accomplished the day's flight of Mons. Mixa, seeks also the resignation of Bishop Fischer.

The anti-Church Neo-Nazis underhanded 'Österreichische Rundfunk’ here describes an "internal Church pressure" against Mons. Fischer. The broadcaster takes it from that that the easily manipulated by the media Bishops will accept this interpretation as a standing order.

The Chances remain good that Satan's media succeeded in putting a Bishop to flight. For Mons. Fischer is known for his backbone.