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Raising meat rabbits... - LaramieHirsch - 04-24-2010

Okay, so I have a small 900 square foot house in the city, with a fourth of an acre yard.  I got raised garden beds, a small vineyard, a small orchard of dwarf fruit trees, and six egg laying hens. 

I'm now thinking of raising meat rabbts.  Anyone have experience with these?  I am having difficulty with imagining myself getting nerve to kill a bunny.  If I can just think of them as cattle or something...

Re: Raising meat rabbits... - spasiisochrani - 04-25-2010

I used to regularly drive past a farm that had a sign out front advertising "Easter Bunnies-Live or Dressed".

Re: Raising meat rabbits... - F-14 Dave - 04-25-2010

I had to kill a bunny once for a survival course.  It was much easier - and quicker - than I would have thought. 

Good luck!

Re: Raising meat rabbits... - JacafamalaRedux - 04-26-2010

I accidentally ran over one once with a manual lawn mower. What Dave said; the head snapped right off.

Re: Raising meat rabbits... - James02 - 04-26-2010

Killing them shouldn't be a problem.  I have hunted them.  I think with a domesticated meat rabbit, you can probably shoot them in the ear with a high powered air rifle.  Or club them in the head.  There are probably a lot of ways to painlessly kill them.  I club catfish before I cut off their heads, and they're gone after one good shot.  Now if you are just learning survival, your volume will be low, so probably just shoot them.  If you are doing it for a business, then you have to learn a high volume slaughter method.

Killing an animal for meat shouldn't be a problem for you.  They don't feel any pain if done right.  Wringing their neck and popping off their head seems like a good method, but I have never done that.  Find out from fellow enthusiasts.

And another thing, it is a meat rabbit, not a bunny.  A bunny is a pet you give to your 6 year old daughter to love on.  A meat rabbit is dinner.

Re: Raising meat rabbits... - HotRod - 04-26-2010

I would brain them with a high powered air rifle.  There are easy and painless ways to manually kill them too, but if that makes you squeemish, a .177 pellet through the brain works, doesnt alert the neighbors to call the police, and is humane. 

Re: Raising meat rabbits... - mom - 04-26-2010

My friends daughters raise rabbits for 4-H. After the fair they go to the butcher and comes back nicely wrapped in white paper ready for the freezer. Now I'd guess that you don't have many butchers/processors in your more urban area. Rabbits are usually dispatched by wringing/breaking their necks or with a club and they have a tendency to scream which can be a bit much for a regular-Joe.

Re: Raising meat rabbits... - JacafamalaRedux - 04-26-2010

Re: Raising meat rabbits... - calicatholic - 04-27-2010

Do you have pics of your raised bed gardens and your small vineyard?  I'd love to see them!  And what fruit trees do you have?

Re: Raising meat rabbits... - LausTibiChriste - 04-27-2010

To kill it, do as the Royal Marines are taught.

Hold it by its hind legs, hold it over your knee and stroke it, to calm it down. Then hang him upside down by the hind legs and karate chop him hard in the back of the neck, breaking it and causing death.

Continue as the Marines do by sucking out the eyeballs with your mouth for a good source of h2o, if necessary.  :)