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Beer! - Historian - 02-01-2006

Ok peoples.
Whats your favorite beer???
mine is Carlton Draught - [Image: biga0705.jpg][url=][/url]

 l also brew my own but I dont have a picture of it!!!

Beer! - Varus - 02-01-2006

I go for Chimay Grande Reserve. (Blue Label)

Beer! - Historian - 02-01-2006

Chimay is a trappist beer, isn't it?
What about the other two kinds?

Beer! - HMiS - 02-01-2006

Yes Chimay is Trappist beer from the Walloon part of the Saxo-Coburgian country of Belgium.
[Image: duvel.jpg]
This is my favourite - as for the more tough beers (over 10 %) - the Devilish Beer from Belgium (Flanders).

Beer! - Historian - 02-01-2006

Quote:I go for Chimay Grande Reserve. (Blue Label)


I'd imagine that would be tough to get and expensive, even in Europe? I daresay that would be the holy grail of my beer tour of the world. [Image: smile.gif]

Quote:mine is Carlton Draught


It's fantastic to see a fellow native of 'Straya on the board, but you're letting the team down! [Image: laff.gif] Where's the VB gotten to? For all you poor, deprived people who don't call the Lucky Country home, don't believe the lies when they try to tell you that Fosters is Australia's beer! Victoria Bitter forever!

[Image: img_vb.jpg]

One for the Aussies, if you haven't tried James Squire Amber Ale, it gets my seal of approval. Not cheap, but worth every cent. [Image: wink.gif]

[Image: brews_ale.jpg]

Beer! - Brennus - 02-01-2006

Any kind of Koelsch, a sort of ale made only in Cologne, Germany.

I also like Yuengling Lager, Black & Tan, Porter and Lord Chesterfield Ale. Yuengling is the oldest continuingly operating brewery in America and is right up the street from where I work, next door to St. Patrick's Church in Pottsville, PA.


Beer! - AdoramusTeChriste - 02-01-2006

[Image: guinness.jpg][Image: guinness2.jpg]

Beer! - Historian - 02-01-2006

[Image: chouffe.jpg]
A brown Belgium beer, strong, fruity, spicy, lightly hopped, with an evolving taste. It's a natural beer, re-fermented in the bottle, non-filtered or pasteurized and no additives. 8.5% Alcohol.

Beer! - Historian - 02-01-2006

Chimay is in some regular grocery stores in Europe; even the blue label (which is, I must agree with Varus, THE BEST).
The white label and the red label Chimay are also excellent, no doubt.  They even make some good cheeses. 
There are lots of good beers out there, especially with the micro-brew craze of recent years, but the Belgians just make the best beer in the world.  There are some very good Belgian "imitation" beers brewed in Canada, by Unibrew, or something like that.  Fin du monde is one. 

Beer! - introibo - 02-01-2006

Believe it or not, when I just want some "table beer" with supper, I go for Schaeffer. Cheap, and good for the money. When I'd like something a bit more pricey, any Polish beer is good.

Husband loves McSorley's, Old Speckled Hen, and Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout.