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Prayers needed - Petertherock - 12-14-2010

I have my appeals hearing tomorrow morning at 10AM (Tuesday 12/14/2010) They denied my my initial claim because the company I worked for lied. They are saying that on the last day I actually worked I said "I quit" and abandoned my post. What actually happened is I worked my full shift which was a Wednesday. I wasn't scheduled to work again until Sunday. On Friday I saw my doctor and that's when the doctor recommended that I leave the job. He wasn't able to get the note to me until Monday morning. So on Sunday I called out sick, then on Monday as soon as I got the note I went immediately to my employer and tendered my resignation. They are saying I quit on Wednesday and brought the note in after the fact. If that is the case then why would I have bothered to call out sick on Sunday?

The problem is I could have subpoenaed witnesses like for instance the person who I talked to when I called in sick and I could have hired a lawyer or gotten a lawyer for free but they only gave me 3 business days to prepare for the hearing and a 7 days notice is required to subpoena witnesses. I did mention this point when I sent in the paper work and I don't know if it makes a difference but the hearing is a telephone hearing as opposed to an in person hearing so I don't know if that is either good or bad.

The main thing is I have to maintain my calmness and not get angry especially if the representatives from the company start lying on the phone my instinct is going to be to lash out at them and they say in the packet that you will make a better presentation of your case if you don't get angry and let emotions get the best of you. That's not my strong point but I pray that I am able to stay calm during this hearing and of course that things go my way. Hopefully once they figure out that the company was lying they will be more inclined to go in my favor.


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Re: Prayers needed - Petertherock - 12-16-2010

Well, I had my telephone hearing and I don't have a good feeling about things. The only good thing is if they rule against me I have one final appeal I can go through and once again the company lied. The company's contention is that since I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT the security job couldn't possibly be any more stressful than those positions. Of course they can't comprehend that being a volunteer if I am having a bad day I can just choose not to go on any calls. Plus the stress I was under at my job was mostly because of the hostile work environment I was under. The lying came in when my boss said that my job was not in any jeopardy even though on my last day my boss told me that with the incident I was involved in there would be an investigation and at the end of the investigation I would either be fired or put on a final written warning with zero tolerance. I do have a tape recording of that conversation so if it gets to another appeal I will be much better prepared.

But the way it's looking now is within a month or two I will have my car repossessed and then I don't have to worry about getting a job because I won't have a way of going out to look for a job never mind getting to and from work if anyone did hire me. I am having all kinds of thoughts like driving myself and my car off a bridge. Obviously I am looking for work but so far I have no prospects. Maybe I should put some old clothes on and go begging.

My depression is getting worse because along with the thoughts of driving off a bridge all I do is sleep and eat. I sleep pretty much all day. I have no energy to do anything. The thing that's bothering me the most is if I lose my car I won't be able to make it to Mass anymore and that's the only thing that's keeping me going at all. So keep praying for me because I need it.

Also, my mother has been in a lot of pain lately too so that's not helping things either. So keep my mom in your prayers too.


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Re: Prayers needed - Petertherock - 12-16-2010

I just want to say I am not going to harm myself now. I am grateful that I have family that is very supportive of me so I have a place to stay and food to eat so in a lot of ways I am better off then a lot of people. I need to stay focused on the blessings that God has given me and to remember that as bad as things seem they could be much worse.

If I ever felt that I was actually going to harm myself I would go to the ER and get help.

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