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How is your Lent going? - Aragon - 04-04-2011

So we're a little over half way through Lent and I was wondering how everyone is going with their Lenten resolutions? Honestly, my motivation petered out after the first week but I think I'm getting it back.

You guys?

Re: How is your Lent going? - Beatissima Mariae - 04-04-2011

I am really, really cranky.  >:(

From here until Easter, I plan on turning the afterburners on. Partly to make up for the bits of cheating since Ash Wednesday, partly because I'm adjusted to Lenten sacrifices and time to up the ante.

Re: How is your Lent going? - damooster - 04-04-2011

I'm doing pretty well. I gave up cigars, which I thought would make me cranky but it hasn't. I've also stuck to Morning and Evening prayers everyday, along with the Rosary, Bible and Catechism study. This will be tested this week, however, as I start graduate school (on top of my regular job).

Re: How is your Lent going? - Heinrich - 04-04-2011

I blew it as soon as Ash Wednesday. My fast was not fast enough. I tried to fast thereafter and almost passed out from weakness. I gave up at least four things and have stuck with three denials consistently(with the exception of Sundays): spicy food, sweets, Facebook. Alcohol was going well, but after St. Joseph's feast day, I took a few more sips here and there. I like was said above about putting the afterburners on. That's what I am going to do. Day by day. For Christ.