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zeal? - CampeadorShin - 02-24-2006

It's never been explained to me clearly, but I do hear one thing about it.  IT IS NEEDED!!!  There are too many people laming up Christianity and making us look like a bunch of wussies!  Too many things about being a Catholic warrior have been forgotten!

...(sigh!) what to do?...

zeal? - Charlemagne - 02-25-2006

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(From <i>delos</i>, a derivative of <i>deo</i> "to boil", to "throb with heat"), is "a necessary effect of love", being "the vehement movement of one who loves to [secure] the object of his love" (<i>vehemens motus amantis in rem amatam</i>, St. Thomas, <a target="_blank" href="">Summa Theol. I-II:28:4</a>). Here the distinctive note is in the vehemence, or intensity, of the action to which love impels, an intensity which is proportioned to that of the love felt. As there is two kinds of love, the <i>amor concupiscentiae</i>, which is self-regarding, and the <i>amor amicitiae</i>, which is altruistic, two corresponding kinds of zeal might be distinguished, but by usage the term is restricted to the zeal prompted by the amor amicitiae; indeed in its religious sense it is applied solely to the zeal inspired by the love of <a target="_blank" href="">God</a>, to the ardent endeavours and works undertaken to promote His glory. Here again we can subdivide according as this zeal for <a target="_blank" href="">God</a> manifests itself in works of devotedness directed towards the fulfillment of the first or the second of the two great Commandments. In the Bible (cf. <a target="_blank" href="">Psalm 63:10</a>; <a target="_blank" href="">Numbers 25:11</a>; <a target="_blank" href="">Titus 2:14</a>, etc.) it is mostly used in the first of these applications; in the phrase "zeal for souls" it is used in the second, and in this sense it is much the more common among religious writers.
Zeal, being love in action, just on that account tends to remove as far as lies in its power all that is injurious or hostile to the object of its love; it has thus its antipathies as well as its attractions. Moreover, since, though itself appertaining to the will, it presupposes an exercise of judgment as to the appropriate means for the attainment of its object, we must further distinguish true and false zeal, according as the judgment guiding it is sound or unsound. Thus St. Paul's zeal was zeal throughout, but it was false zeal in the days when he persecuted the Church, true zeal when he became its Apostle. "Caritas Christi urget nos" are the words with which this Apostle described the promptings within his own breast of this zeal which contributed so powerfully to lay the foundations of the Catholic Church. And it is a zeal of like nature which, enkindled in the breasts of so many generations of ardent followers of Christ, has, in its co-operation with the lavish gifts of the Holy Spirit, built that Church up into the greatest marvel of human history. For it is the zeal of all those devout souls which, as distinguished from the lukewarmness of the ordinary <a target="_blank" href="">Christian</a>, has sent forth the Apostles and missionaries to their lives of self-sacrifice, has filled the sanctuaries with an unfailing supply of good priests and the cloisters with throngs of fervent religious, which has organized, sustained, and developed so splendid an array of works of charity to meet almost every conceivable need of suffering humanity.

zeal? - Charlemagne - 02-25-2006

Zeal and the love of God has been watered down and replaced with the new false teaching which is to be nice to all and please whatever you do, do not offend anyone or hurt someones precious feelings even for their own good and the Greater Glory of God.
The practice of Ecumenism has destroyed Holy Zeal in my opinion and puts love of others above love of God. Which is one of the reasons the church is in such a state. People now disobey God in order to please their fellow men. And people now widely believe that to make it to heaven you just have to be a 'nice' person. When I say nice read wussy. Sometimes I think Christianity has been hijacked by a bunch of hippie's. I am just waiting for the chuch to declare 'Free Love'. Just thinking about this makes me want to puke.[Image: puke.gif]

zeal? - CampeadorShin - 02-26-2006

Ow! Big words!  They hurt!  I've had this problem with, they define words with words that need to be explained as well and those need to be explained and so on and so on.

zeal? - Historian - 02-26-2006

The bottom line is that in order to have zeal, for the Faith or for some worldly enterprise, we must believe in what we are doing.  Since most of the world has totally lost supernatural faith, it is impossible for them to have zeal for its propagation.

zeal? - Extraecclesiamnullasalus - 02-26-2006

Neo-Catholics used to call me a zealot. I have lost some of my passion, but many people would still consider me a "fanatic"

zeal? - Historian - 02-26-2006

To moderns, anyone who actually believes something, and thinks it matters what you believe, is a fanatic.  This is the most conviction-less age the world has ever seen, although they will freak if you try to show them that even being completely anti-belief in anything is itself a belief; the most rigid one of all, for it puts one in unbreakable iron shackles.

zeal? - CampeadorShin - 02-27-2006

DEUS VULT!!!!!!!!!

zeal? - Kephapaulos - 03-01-2006

CampeadorShin Wrote:DEUS VULT!!!!!!!!!

Deus vult!

zeal? - charlesh - 03-31-2006

<p style="margin: 0px;">Yes, I've noticed that ever since I've been drawn to Truth, some closest to me find subtle methods for denouncing extremism and fanaticism in general, though they rarely tell me directly that they think I'm an extremist. They respect me, and sincerely believe I'm on a destructive, delusional path. It's usually more subtle--e.g. I will suddenly hear that "we must always find the balanced middle ground between the extremes," or some other "enlightened" drivel. Although when I suggested that there were such things as false religions, I was immediately and unrelentingly labeled a fanatic, "just like" my bible-believing, born-again relatives, only Catholic.