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Re: Contemplative practices for laypeople? - PeterII - 07-29-2011

As rbj points out, it is God that infuses contemplative prayer in you. One generally has to proceed through vocal and meditative prayer and undergo heavy spiritual trials before this occurs.  The other "contemplative" practices mentioned here are not authentic visitations with God. 

Re: Contemplative practices for laypeople? - MaterLaeta - 07-30-2011

(07-24-2011, 02:51 PM)Richard C Wrote: Fraxinus,

May I suggest "The Journey from the Head to the Heart" by Fr. Stephen Valentas, OFM?

There was a copy in the adoration chapel I used to frequent before my last move, and when I struggled to silence my thoughts and be with Our Lord, I would pick it up and read 5 or 10 pages at a time before returning to prayer.  It really helped.

It is written for ordinary folks and the humility, obedience, gentleness and uncompromising orthodoxy of the writing should commend itself to a more traditional Catholic.

I found this book in a bargain bin.  One of the best purchases I have ever made.  I have used this book on my last 2 retreats and highly recommend it.  Very orthodox and helpful in helping me get out of living /understanding the faith on a purely intellectual level.

I suggest a single chapter at a time, meditatively.