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Re: What are you sipping RIGHT NOW? - Arun - 06-25-2012

GottmitunsAlex, you are probably the only other person I have come across so far that enjoys Coke Zero. I luv the stuff myself, if I find myself sipping cola...

Hmmm I think I might pour another glass of wheat liquor. Got an all-grain corn whiskey in the fermenter at the moment that'll probably get run through the still later this week, but unless the hearts cut offers up something really special for a white-dog I'll probably kick it for a week or two over red wine oak chips. Not actually too sure how much yield I'm going to get off of this one, either, although after three days it's smelling fairly decent lol. Trouble is the mash is like a thick porridge so you can't really float a hydrometer in and check gravity very accurately - at least I haven't been able to, there is probably a trick to it lol.

Sip sip.

Re: What are you sipping RIGHT NOW? - Titus Alba - 06-25-2012

Arun, have you considered starting a thread (or pointing an existing one out to me) about taking non-boozy stuff and turning it into booze?  That would be really handy.

Coffee and water at the moment, but I'm about to dive into a 6 of Odell IPA.

Re: What are you sipping RIGHT NOW? - Arun - 06-25-2012

Titus Alba - I think there may have been one on here in the past, but IIRC it was focused more on beers and wines. And even then, I could be wrong lol.

You know, it's funny, since returning here I haven't been on much but I've had a couple of requests about making various how-to threads - and I still haven't got around to posting up the brain-tanning how to I promised way back in 2009 or 2010...

Thing is, I wouldn't exactly call myself an expert on any of these things - I pretty much just fix on something I wanna get done and then research how it's generally done and what processes or so forth need to occur and then jump in the deep end.

Tell ya what, though, if you're interested then I'll get a thread going on it, and I'm pretty sure there are a few others on here who'd know a whole heap about it too.

Here in NZ it's completely legal - I hear that in the US nobody makes moonshine, they just make ethanol for fuel... some people even drink the fuel... ;)

And yep I'm currently sipping away on some of my wheat liquor - that oak has taken hold real nice in there, just about polished off the jar!

Re: What are you sipping RIGHT NOW? - Phillipus Iacobus - 06-26-2012

A Bud

Re: What are you sipping RIGHT NOW? - tmw89 - 07-01-2012

After the initial unpleasant experience, I decided to retry the Porto Flip.

Just finished it, and the verdict is in:  it has not improved.


Re: What are you sipping RIGHT NOW? - Pheo - 07-02-2012

Well I just rewatched Into Great Silence over the weekend, so:

[Image: 2yu0g75.jpg]

Re: What are you sipping RIGHT NOW? - tmw89 - 07-03-2012

The order of the night concluded just a few moments ago:  a G&T, a CC&Ginger, and a "Jim Morrison."

Re: What are you sipping RIGHT NOW? - Joamy - 07-05-2012

grapefruit juice

Re: What are you sipping RIGHT NOW? - LoneWolfRadTrad - 07-05-2012

Hamm's, Bud Light w/lime (eh... it was ok, I guess), Corona Extra, and George Killian's Irish Red lager.

I would have gotten some Kraken, but that sort of investment requires other people at the party to chip in. :P

Re: What are you sipping RIGHT NOW? - Arun - 07-06-2012

Combination of Haagen, and the last jar of wheat liquor that, due to my unexpected hospitalisation, ended up spending an extra week on oak.

Sip sip.