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Free Catholic MP3!!! - mariafransisca11 - 09-10-2011

Hi Y'all

Just want to let you know, if you want to fill your ipods with great catholic MP3 you can go here. You can find great sermons, gregorian chants, catholic audiobooks.

And the best, they're FREE

God Bless

Re: Free Catholic MP3!!! - Mithrandylan - 09-10-2011

Thanks again.

Re: Free Catholic MP3!!! - mariafransisca11 - 09-10-2011

You're very welcome  :)

Re: Free Catholic MP3!!! - patricia m. - 09-10-2011

This is nice as well:

From the Society of Jesus in London. If you go to London, try to attend the 11am Sunday Mass at Farm Street Church.

Re: Free Catholic MP3!!! - atlantis587 - 09-11-2011

You know. Catholic Answers has Catholic Answers live that you can download for free.