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Mariachi Mass - Jesse - 11-14-2011

The Bishop of my Diocese celebrated the 18th annual "Mariachi Mass" on Sunday in the basketball arena.
Quote:Bishop Ricardo Ramirez holds his traditional ceremonial head-dress in his left hand Sunday so that he can sport a traditional Mexican sombrero for a moment, which was given to him by the 2011 queen of the Hatch Chile Festival, at the conclusion of the 18th annual International Mariachi Conference Mass at the Pan American Center. "Send that picture to the Pope," Ramirez joked.

To see the picture that he wants to send to the Pope, go here (I can't get it to embed in the post):

Bishop Ramirez just turned 75.  We're eagerly awaiting his replacement.

Re: Mariachi Mass - salus - 11-14-2011

Bishop Ricardo Ramirez celebrated his 75th  birthday in September so he is waiting for a successor.