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(mostly) taking a break - sarahraphael - 12-20-2011

Hey guys,

I'll be limiting my forum time to the True Devotion book thread for an indefinite period. If you need/want to get ahold of me, PM me! And I may very occasionally be in the chat/g+ hangouts. Just posting this to keep me honest. :)

Please keep me in your prayers, as I will you in mine.

God bless you, and may Our Mother keep you close. Merry Christmas! :)

[Image: 2nknvyb.jpg]

Re: (mostly) taking a break - MaidenofGod - 12-20-2011

we'll miss you :(

hope to see you around sometime! merry christmas to you too.

Re: (mostly) taking a break - INPEFESS - 12-20-2011

May the love of Christ fill your soul with peace and joy this Christmas season.

Come back soon!

Pax tecum.  :monstrance:

Re: (mostly) taking a break - Someone1776 - 12-20-2011


Re: (mostly) taking a break - Vetus Ordo - 12-20-2011

Merry Christmas, Sarah.

Take care of yourself.