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Lenten Plans - Spooky - 02-12-2012

It's Sexagesima Sunday already, has any one made their plans for Lent? I'm considering giving up teh Interwebz for Lent but I have a few questions:

If you indulge in something you "gave up for Lent" is it a sin?

Okay that's just one question.

Things I'm adding: daily Mass, reading the Psalms/Gospels/NT everyday, more frequent Confession, perhaps weekly ( I usually go every 2-4 weeks) FAMILY Rosary (we got out of the habit).

The internet is such a time drain for me but I find it near impossible to stay away. In the 10 years (this Easter) I've been Catholic I've never had the guts to give up the internet. Last year I had the most unfruitful Lent, away from the Sacraments, lots of turmoil in my life. I hope to make up for it this year.

What are your plans for Lent?

Re: Lenten Plans - Richard C - 02-12-2012

Some ideas I've been kicking around since Septuagesima are taking up weekly Confession and vegetarian Friday, and giving up swearing, drinking alone, and judging others.

I don't know if it's a sin to break a Lenten sacrifice or not, but I think I've confessed before, just in case.

Re: Lenten Plans - JayneK - 02-12-2012

I heard one priest explain that it is not a sin to fail at one's Lenten resolutions.  It's a good sign if they are difficult enough to fail at them.  This experience of failure teaches us to rely on God and breaks down our pride.  However, one must keep trying when one fails, not use it as a reason to give up.

I have given up forums for Lent on other years.  I tend to just replace it with other time wasters. The root problem is insufficient willingness to do my duties of my state of life. I think that, for me, this needs to be attacked by bringing it to Confession.

This year I am planning to stay on FE but give up arguing.

Re: Lenten Plans - Deidre - 02-12-2012

I was considering giving up Librivox for Lent. I haven't decided whether I should include all of the books already downloaded onto my ipod in the resolution, or not. Maybe I'll limit the already-downloaded books to religious ones, and give up downloading altogether and listening to the secular ones.  :)

Re: Lenten Plans - StMichael929 - 02-13-2012

I won't do a complete "fast" from the internet during Lent.  Since in the early Church Wednesday and Friday were fast days last Lent I decided, to 'fast' from the internet on those two days.  Will probably do something simliar this year.

Re: Lenten Plans - SCG - 02-13-2012

I do extra spiritual reading during Lent and try to limit my Internet time. I find it very hard to fast, as I'm older.

Re: Lenten Plans - Pheo - 02-13-2012

I'm going to do the standard fasting plus a mix of abstinence/partial-abstinence, depending on the day.  And I'll try to do it with minimal crankiness this year too.

Re: Lenten Plans - newyorkcatholic - 02-13-2012

-no meat for all of lent
-fasting for all days except Sundays

Not sure what else.  I'll try to go to Mass more often, but doubt I can make daily Mass.  I'll pray more hours of the LOBVM.

Rosary every day (sometimes I miss, but during Lent I'll try not to).

Re: Lenten Plans - Old Salt - 02-13-2012

Giving up all movies on weekdays. [we only have a DVD player, no television, cable etc.]

Re: Lenten Plans - Jenn - 02-13-2012

I realized last year that "giving up" something isn't the best way for me to make spiritual progress during Lent. What I need to do is force myself to do things that I really dislike. For example, I cannot stand doing spiritual reading. It's incredibly difficult for me, so I will make an effort to do spiritual reading on a daily basis. There are other things I will do, but spiritual reading is the big thing.