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Chuck Colson and HHS - Tim - 02-14-2012

Here's a video of Colson laying out the possible necessity of civil disobedience. We are inured and many think this is just another twist of the screw which can no longer be felt. Make no mistake Colson is an Evangelical but he's calling for them to step up and preach against this as Catholic Bishops and priests are doing. I may be deluded but I see something big coming, and it will not be pacific.


What do you all think ?

Re: Chuck Colson and HHS - Richard C - 02-14-2012

Since last month I have begun to hope that the bishop really will stand to the last but what would that mean? I don't know. If the Catholic organizations are all going through healthcare corporations and all those corporations follow the HHS mandate, then what option is left but to stop providing healthcare or try to create an alternative Catholic healthcare corporation? I admit that I don't really understand the nuts and bolts of it all.

What would resistance look like?

Re: Chuck Colson and HHS - voxxpopulisuxx - 02-14-2012

If they are not willing to publically excommunicate the director of HHS...then the bishops are paper tigers

Re: Chuck Colson and HHS - Tim - 02-14-2012

If there is no repeal of the HHS rule, then I'd guess that excommunications would follow for all the Catholic politicos that support it. Then the Catholic organizations that are targeted would have to follow the Bishop's lead. Those that do not are also excommunicated and can no longer call themselves Catholic. Next all Catholic hospitals etc. change to Catholic only, and not admit or employee any others that are not Catholic, or will sign a waiver to follow the rules of the Church. With the full throated support of Evangelicals, Obama would be sent packing. As people are no longer cared for or employed by the Church, civil warfare erupts and a Civil War ensues. Catholic institutions take care of and employ all kinds of  people.