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Africa and the TLM - Unum Sint - 03-14-2012

Just because we don't see it, it does not mean it isn't happening.

...rather interested in showing images of the usus antiquior from outside the context of the usual North American and European venues; not because of any lack of interest in seeing these things from those venues, but instead out of a keen interest in showing the life of the usus antiquior in as broad as possible a spectrum.

It was by way of Accion Liturgica that I came across the following images from the ICRSS showing the installation of a new parish priest in their parish of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Libreville, Gabon by Mgr. Basile Mvé Engone.

Pray for the Church.

Re: Africa and the TLM - Aragon - 03-15-2012

This is nice to see but my happiness is tempered by the fact that this church is about two kilometres away from the SSPX's apostolate in Gabon....

Re: Africa and the TLM - Warrenton - 03-15-2012

There are Catholics who, seeing the increasing demand for the TLM, seek to limit its application by claiming it a uniquely European ritual, having no application to non Europeans.  This attack, which is a product of relativism, is simply part of a larger campaign to deny the universality of moral law.  Once they destroy universality in the outlying parts of the world, they can apply the same logic to groups within Christendom - we see this mentality at work now among feminists and homosexual activists.  Obviously, if the people want Catholicism, they will tend to want the ancient rite of the mass.  It's a question of sending workers into the vineyard.