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support OCTOBER BABY - Magdalene - 03-21-2012

This weekend, the film, October Baby, will open on 378 screens. The Hunger Games, a movie about a future society that demands  children fight to the death, will open on 10 times the number of screens: nearly 4000.

The Hunger Games is projected to be a huge hit. That's not surprising since our culture barely blinks at death and violence. The reality is that movie's premise isn't so futuristic; we live in a society where innocent children are put to death every day.

October Baby is a stand for life. It is a brave acknowledgement that abortion takes more than a life—it takes a piece of the soul of everyone involved. This movie is ultimately a story of compassion and forgiveness.

It is important that we support October Baby on Opening Weekend (March 23-25), in effect sending a strong pro-life message. If we can fill every seat in each of the 378 theaters all weekend long, we will be loudly proclaiming that we want entertainment that celebrates life. We will be sending a message that every life is beautiful and that we each have a God-given purpose.

If October Baby does not do well, our culture and Hollywood will just shrug and say, "See, they really don't care after all...." In this critical election year, we need to take every chance we can to make our voice heard. We believe in the sanctity of life. We care for the unborn. We are their voice.

So lift your voice next weekend. Encourage every person you know that stands for life to put their money where their heart is. Go see October Baby March 23, 24, and 25—or at the least buy a ticket even if you never go to the theater. We get one chance to make a very powerful shout to the wilderness that is Hollywood. Let's make the most of it.

Re: support OCTOBER BABY - OCLittleFlower - 03-21-2012

I'm going Friday night with friends from Church.

I also just saw an ad for the film on Fox News.  :D