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Re: Amazing Photos Show What the World Really Eats - JacafamalaRedux - 06-10-2012

(06-10-2012, 04:12 PM)Rosarium Wrote:
(05-09-2012, 03:36 AM)Hawaii Five-0 Wrote: Why is it that every time I see a picture of these poor people in Africa they have absolutely beautiful teeth?  If they were on the western flouride and twinkie diet that would fix em up.

I suspect it is because they have very dark skin.

Look at people with such skin elsewhere. Their teeth, unless in horrible condition, invariably look like they are glowing white.

It is contrast. Look at women with deep red lipstick too. Same effect.

Yes, the term for this is apparent color change. Take any color, lets say red, and place it on a darker color, lets say dark blue, and the red looks lighter. Take that same red color and place it on a lighter  blue color, and the red looks darker.

But the reason their teeth are so straight is because they're breastfed for an extended period of time with no bottles or pacifiers.

Re: Amazing Photos Show What the World Really Eats - Spooky - 06-17-2012

The China one is suspicious because there are 2 children instead of just one.

I read somewhere that the Commies are razing over the agricultural areas in favor of city developments. They have these huge ghost cities because the average Chinese can't afford them. Really weird.

Of all the families I'd like to live with the Mexican family; their food looked the tastiest.