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Where's HMiS? - TraditionalistThomas - 05-30-2012

I liked reading his posts. Where did he go?

Re: Where's HMiS? - Phillipus Iacobus - 05-30-2012

Good question.

Re: Where's HMiS? - Vetus Ordo - 05-30-2012

He hasn't posted here since January last year.

He was a great poster.

Re: Where's HMiS? - Spooky - 05-30-2012

I think he was banned

Re: Where's HMiS? - Phillipus Iacobus - 05-30-2012

AFAIK, he was not banned, and he used to post on Angelqueen. However, the format of that site has significantly changed. Maybe he'll return here.

Re: Where's HMiS? - CrusaderKing - 05-30-2012

He last posted on January 6, 2011. He had said back in late 2010 that he was fine but very busy, hence the probable reason he hasn't posted here. I wish he'd chime in regularly again, as he was one of the better posters here.

Re: Where's HMiS? - TraditionalistThomas - 05-31-2012

What a pity. Seems like tonnes of regular fish-veterans left during 2010-2011.

He was an awesome poster. He knew a lot.