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Hello, All! - ParatumCorMeum - 05-31-2012

My name is Gordon.  I joined because I adore the FishEaters site, and you all seem as though you wake up in the morning, and eat a bowl full of awesome.


Re: Hello, All! - MaterLaeta - 05-31-2012

Hi Gordon!

Hope you enjoy the tank.

Just be careful posting if you are discerning.  See Father Z's cautions over at WDTPRS?.  Here is the link:

I know this is for those already in seminary and you are discerning only, but be careful!  If you are found here or considered "too trad" in some places, you will get bounced.  CAUTION!

Re: Hello, All! - ParatumCorMeum - 05-31-2012

Article appreciated.   =)

Re: Hello, All! - Might_4_Right - 05-31-2012

Welcome to Fish Eaters, Gordon.

Re: Hello, All! - Mithrandylan - 05-31-2012

Well, it's true that I eat a bowl of awesome in the morning but sometimes I'm in a rush so I have to settle for a bar of terrific. 

Welcome to FE.

Re: Hello, All! - JayneK - 06-01-2012

I usually have a liquid breakfast.  But welcome to Fish Eaters.

Re: Hello, All! - Richard C - 06-11-2012

Welcome, Gordon!

Re: Hello, All! - Spooky - 06-12-2012


Re: Hello, All! - Phillipus Iacobus - 06-12-2012


Re: Hello, All! - Josué - 06-12-2012