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Utahns? - LuxMichaelisCSP - 09-15-2012

Any other fishies in Utah? I want to start a monthly rosary & discussion group. Reply to this post if you're interested. Also wondering if other members of the Confraternity of St. Peter find themselves stranded in the Desert of Deseret...

Re: Utahns? - knittycat - 10-29-2012

Darn.  Moved from Salt Lake (Magna) to Texas 3 years ago.

Re: Utahns? - LuxMichaelisCSP - 11-06-2012

Distressing...but happy for you. Texas has a number of options for the TLM, depending on where you are...

Re: Utahns? - knittycat - 11-06-2012

Not where I am, sadly. :( 
But, on a lighter note:

You'll appreciate this  :grin: