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Catachism Class - Poche - 09-28-2012

I still need your prayers for the catachism class I will teach this Sunday. My students need your prayers. They are the older children. They are not bad kids but,  some of them are likely to have been exposed to the "alternative lifestyle"

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Re: Catachism Class - Poche - 10-07-2012

I still need your prayers for the children in this catachism class. Thank you.

Re: Catachism Class - JacafamalaRedux - 10-07-2012


Re: Catachism Class - Poche - 10-26-2012

i want to ask you to continue to pray for the students in my catechism class
thank you

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Re: Catachism Class - JacafamalaRedux - 10-27-2012

Don't worry, just do your best to prep and don't give into spiritual desolation, you  know, like the voices that say, 'I can't do this', or 'I'm not good enough', or 'These children are beyond hope'., just show up. God is in charge and will be there to help you.

99% of it is just showing up week after week and letting God use you.