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S. Ubaldo Jesup pa. - Tim - 10-14-2012

At the turn of the last century Italians from Gubbio Italy came to Jesup Pa. to work in the mines. They brought their culture with them. The local saints were the Bishop named S. Ubaldo, S. George, and S. Anthony. The Feta consist of a race of the three saints to the Basilica when they were in Gubbio. This Festa died out in the late 50' in Jessup, but was re-started and here's a glimpse from 2012 of Italo-American continuity of tradition small t.


Heres the ceri di Gubbio from 2011 in Italy.

This is an example of what exactly I mean by tradition small t.


Re: S. Ubaldo Jesup pa. - verenaerin - 10-14-2012

One of the top reasons I love living in PA. (Despite recent issues with my neighbors). Towns, or sections of towns, still retain their ethnic heritage and continue the celebrations of various feast days. The fall is the best times for this. My mother would take us to all of them. Russian festivals, Polish, Lithuainian, the Italians, etc. Great food, cool ethnic crafts, and really neat shrines to their various patron saints.

The Polish festival in Doylestown is a class act. They have it at the official American Shrine of Our Lady of Chestohova. They have battle re-enactments, traditional marriages, POLKA!, great food, a zillion types of babka, cool traditional clothes to buy, and some museum pieces and books. All these things are married with their faith, so different colors used, ingredients, or other seemingly insignificant details are actually rich with meaning.

Re: S. Ubaldo Jesup pa. - Poche - 10-14-2012

St Ubaldo is one of the incorruptibles

Re: S. Ubaldo Jesup pa. - Tim - 10-15-2012

I posted this because of the other post on urban renewal and the social engineers. It's videos of E Michael Jones, and I felt folks didn't understand at all, so I posted this as an example . As Providence would have it this subject was on my local PBS station that night, showing Jessup and Gubbio and the Feast. I knew I couldn't find footage from the Sicilian one here from the 30's and 20's so the Lord provided these.