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Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - per_passionem_eius - 11-01-2012

Another reason this seems difficult to me is I also don't have the greatest regard for doctors (Dr. Bombay excepted).  So, like anamchara, I tend to agree that self-medication has its place.  I don't use this as an excuse to prescribe for myself, personally.  I just do not heed the majority of advice I've been given by my doctors (i.e. to have every new kind of test they invent.)  So in that way I understand the suspicion that people have of most doctors, and I agree its not necessarily misplaced.

Also, I know that people come to the faith from all kinds of places, and if someone comes as an addict, who no longer gets high from smoking marijuana, but has emotional problems without it, then that's different.  So of course the substance can't be intrinsically evil.  I have the impression that Fr. Scott has never had a heroin addict come to him asking for counsel!  I might be wrong, but the SSPX seems to me to minister mostly to long-time Catholics.  I still think that Fr. Scott is right, if he's addressing these long-time practising Catholics, some of whom might be wondering if it would be ok to think of marijuana as no different from alcohol.

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - Scriptorium - 11-02-2012

For the record, my worst drug experience was vicodin after a dental surgery. Talk about a bad trip. Disorientation, restlessness, and scary hallucinations. A drug from hell, in my opinion. Hey, but rite-aid has it on tap. The next worst is alcohol. I love a nice glass of wine, but spinning rooms and porcelain worship is no fun. And I've never sought to get drunk in recent years, but it can get you sometimes unawares. Strangely enough, with all my heavy smoking of marijuana in my younger years, I never experienced spinning rooms, restlessness, or vomiting. The worst symptoms were munchies and wanting to go to sleep. Just anecdotal evidence. And pointing out that I have had bad experiences with the legal stuff.

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - Phillipus Iacobus - 11-02-2012

I had Vicodin due to dental work, but the worse it got was my body becoming a little addicted to it. Nothing else.

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - Atomagenesis - 11-02-2012

It's pretty tough to get a job these days if you smoke pot, yet another reason not to.