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Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - knittycat - 10-30-2012

I've never seen anyone start smoking crack because they couldn't get pot.  Although I bet if tobacco were as difficult to obtain as pot, people would be turning from nicotine to harder drugs when they couldn't get the 'baccy.

It certainly would solve many a problem if specific drugs were named, however, I believe it would cause as many problems as is it solved by people trying to wiggle around by changing names.

The point is, MJ simply isn't as intoxicating as booze or addicting as cigarettes.  All three can stunt development if they're introduced at delicate stages of growth, but only one is illegal.
Frankly, I'm surprised that so many people can distrust everything that falls out of the government's mouth, yet eat up the propaganda against pot like it's gospel truth.  I have found that the most likely reason for the illegalization of pot was the timber lobby.  They used the intoxicating effects to get it outlawed at the same time alcohol was being outlawed to protect their interests.  Have you ever seen refer madness? It's so painfully obviously a propaganda film, yet people believe it's message to this day.

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - knittycat - 10-30-2012

Alrighty folks, I'm off to bed. It's nearly 11 here and I have to walk the girl child to school in the morning.
'nighty night!

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - per_passionem_eius - 10-30-2012

Maybe there are saints I don't know of who smoked marijuana.  Does anyone know of any?

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - Atomagenesis - 10-30-2012

Why is this thread still going?

Smoking weed and being a devout Catholic don't mix. /end thread.

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - rbjmartin - 10-31-2012

The quote from the CCC is not helpful. Alcohol can be classified as a drug. "Drug" is not a specific enough term to base a definitive judgement. Nicotine is a drug. Alcohol is a drug. Acetaminophen is a drug. THC is a drug. One can claim therapeutic grounds for using any of these.

Alcohol has virtually no nutritional value, especially hard alcohol (like 80 proof and higher). Is there a significant difference between someone taking a toke of marijuana versus a shot of vodka?

And I'm not understanding the claim that tobacco is a food or has nutritional value. I enjoy cigars, but I'm not about to claim that they give me energy or have some nutritional value. I smoke them because I like the taste and they give me a slight buzz. In short, I smoke them for pleasure. Can't someone do the same with marijuana? Can't they smoke a small amount of weak stuff and not impair reason at all?

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - per_passionem_eius - 10-31-2012

(10-30-2012, 11:36 PM)knittycat Wrote: The point is, MJ simply isn't as intoxicating as booze ...

A person whose judgement is impaired might not be aware of it, and if they are aware, they might not admit it, and if they did admit it, they might not consider it very serious.  Some souls are quite hardened by their actual sins to the point that they really don't recognize a weakening of their judgement when they smoke marijuana.  I don't mean any offense by this.  So there has to be some objective judgement, and as far as I know, the Church doesn't  explicitly name smoking (or ingesting) marijuana as sinful even where it happens to be legal.  Maybe the closest you'll get is something like the OP.  Maybe this is because it's always been taken for granted to be mortally sinful.  Or maybe it's because it really isn't always mortally sinful, like some here have said.     

I'd like to know if anyone knows of any saints' writings that mention it.  I wonder if any missionaries had to go around telling natives that what they were smoking would lead them to hell.  I've never thought about it this way before.  I've only taken it for granted that no saints smoked it themselves.

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - VoxClamantis - 10-31-2012

(10-30-2012, 06:02 PM)Petertherock Wrote: (snip)

Is it a mortal sin to use drugs?

The old text books [on moral theology] do not speak of this new problem of the modern world.


"New problem of the modern world"? People have been ingesting drugs in one form or another since the dawn of man. It's only a huge "problem" now because of the "War on Drugs" and the ensuing black market, ridiculous prices, and violence that comes from those.

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - VoxClamantis - 10-31-2012

(10-30-2012, 09:50 PM)Atomagenesis Wrote: Well I know people who do meth and heroine and pop pills for enjoyment, does that make it ok? I mean hey... if I do just a small line of cocaine, and I enjoy it... it must be ok.

Pope Leo XIII enjoyed cocaine:

[Image: popeleococaine.jpg]

(10-30-2012, 09:50 PM)Atomagenesis Wrote: All the people I know who smoke weed don't go to mass. Some of them are Catholics. I have never met a practicing Catholic who smokes marijuana.

I know pot-smoking and pill-popping, Church-going (and "church"-going) people. Just saying.

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - Phillipus Iacobus - 10-31-2012

(10-30-2012, 11:53 PM)Atomagenesis Wrote: Why is this thread still going?

Smoking weed and being a devout Catholic don't mix. /end thread.

This is not necessarily true. And I'm far from being a weed supporter or sympathizer.

Re: Smoking pot a mortal sin - VoxClamantis - 10-31-2012

St. Hildegaard on hemp, in "Physica":

Quote: “Hemp [hauff] is warm and grows where the air is neither very hot nor very cold, just as its nature is. Its seed is sound, and it is healthy for healthy people to eat it. It is openly gentle and useful in their stomach since it somewhat takes away the mucus. It is able to be digested easily; it diminishes the bad humors and makes the good humors strong. But nevertheless, whoever is weak in the head and has a vacant mind, if that person will have eaten hemp, it easily makes the person suffer pain somewhat in his or her head. However, whoever is sound in the head and has a full mind, it does not harm. Whoever is seriously ill, it also makes that person suffer pain somewhat in the stomach. However, whoever is only moderately ill, it does not cause pain when eaten.

However, let whoever has a cold stomach cook hemp in water, squeeze out the water, wrap it in a cloth, and then place the hot cloth often over the stomach. This comforts the person and restores that place. Also, whoever has a vacant mind, if the person will have eaten hemp, it causes pain somewhat in the head; but it does not cause pain in a sound head and full brain. Also, the cloth made from the hemp heals ulcers and weeping wounds because the heat in the hemp has been tempered.”

Marijuana is a just a plant. A plant God made. It isn't a poisonous plant. Just a plant. It has effects when consumed. Its effects might be different for different people, just the way the effects of other plants work. It has medical benefits for many people. It has psychological benefits for others. Abusing it, like abusing anything, is wrong. Using it with moderation and proper motives is another matter. People need to stop freaking out about the idea of "drugs" altogether (especially when they OK the consumption of the drugs called alcohol and tobacco) and just deal with people and their problems. A person can get drunk and even kill themselves by drinking too much water. The poison's in the dose, as they say, and different people have different needs, different desires, differing levels of being "addiction-prone," different metabolisms, different ways of being affected by various substances, different stages in their lives such that something may be of benefit at the age of 20 that wouldn't be of benefit at the age of 50, and so on. Life's complex. Inside the moral law, live and let live.