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Spokane - piabee - 11-04-2012

It's a little late now, but I have an hour to kill before the rental car goes back.

Re: Spokane - Phillipus Iacobus - 11-04-2012

Any reason why it's in this particular subforum?

Re: Spokane - CollegeCatholic - 11-04-2012


Re: Spokane - Grasshopper - 11-04-2012

Seems pretty straightforward to me. She was in Spokane, searching for a spouse, and she only had an hour. You snooze, you lose. She's probably long gone now.      :LOL:

Re: Spokane - piabee - 11-05-2012

Oops. I was posting from my phone. I'm actually still here because my flight was canceled. I would ask Vox to move the thread but it's funnier this way.

Re: Spokane - Joseph11 - 11-08-2012


Re: Spokane - dark lancer - 11-08-2012

Frolic and detour?