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Wonderful Words of St Maximilian Kolbe: - Old Salt - 11-09-2012

"The blessed Cross has but one purpose and that is to empty our hearts of worldliness and self, that we may be filled to overflowing with the love of Jesus Christ.

Nothing else in life will have mattered, neither what we possessed nor what we became nor what we had accomplished. If love is lacking, everything is for naught. Hell is hell because it contains no love. The devil is keenly aware that if he can seed hate in the hearts of men, love will be driven out and his victory assured.

Suffering on a natural and human level causes narrowness, bitterness, self-centeredness and discontent; whereas suffering, elevated by grace to the supernatural level, unites us intimately with the sufferings in the Heart of our Crucified Savior, empties our own hearts of self, and fills us to overflowing with the pure substance of the love of the Heart of Jesus Christ. This abundance of the love of Christ will then overflow from our hearts to all souls.

We must beg Our Lady for the courage and grace to be transformed by our crosses and pains - to make us better not bitter! We must have a living faith that realizes the Word of Christ applies to us now and forever: Christ loves me! Ponder often the Altar of Love, study your Crucifix! How very much we are loved! The devil gains a victory each time he can plant in our hearts and souls a doubt that the love of God for us is all powerful and constant. He will then devour that soul. Even when we are sinful and unworthy, God loves us!  God loves us! not our sins.

The only cure for doubt and hate is an intense awareness of being loved, both by God and Our Blessed Mother. Love is the only cure for hate!! Those who are the most unlovable and the most filled with self, need this divine remedy more than all others. The Divine Physician sought out those who were most sick in mind, soul and body, went to them and poured upon them the medicine of His love: that medicine which cures both the body and soul....and asked in return to have faith in Him and turn away from sin....and don't we all know exactly what sin is....

To the sickest and the most unlovable, He poured out His healing remedy ever more abundantly and freely. Therefore, let us give to each other all that we have, not counting the cost. Pray for one another without ceasing, beg from Jesus Crucified and from the Immaculata, all the graces needed that our many trials, crosses and pains here below, will make of us, "GOD - BEARERS!"

May we go forth with Mary carrying the adorable presence of Jesus Christ into the whole world!"

Re: Wonderful Words of St Maximilian Kolbe: - per_passionem_eius - 11-09-2012

Deo gratias.

Re: Wonderful Words of St Maximilian Kolbe: - maso - 11-09-2012

St Maximilian Kolbe was canonized in 1982 in the post conciliar times though he wrote many year before, in 1933, that prophetic quote:

“There is no greater enemy of the Immaculata and her Knighthood than today’s ecumenism, which every Knight must not only fight against, but also neutralize through diametrically opposed action and ultimately destroy.”

I doubt that those in charge of the canonization trial knew this.

Re: Wonderful Words of St Maximilian Kolbe: - PatrickG - 11-10-2012

The Catholic Knight, to quote Chesterton 'the last Knight of Europe' has been abused and denigrated by the Modernists for far, far too long, Both of these are wonderful quotes, thank you.

Re: Wonderful Words of St Maximilian Kolbe: - MaximusScriptorius - 11-10-2012

The definitive biography of St. Maximilian:

Written by a Lutheran historian!