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Anti-trad parents of girlfriend - LoneWolfRadTrad - 03-31-2013

My girlfriend's parents, and by that I suspect her mom, told her I'm forbidden to visit.  Apparently, her mom flipped out after reading some anti-traditionalist materials. 

She got her husband in on it, there was yelling and my girlfriend was crying.  She said she liked Archbishop Lefebvre and they said he was a heretic, even though her mom told her it's not right to use that word anymore. (Whaaaa?)

They're really putting pressure on her and I have no idea what's going to happen to our relationship.  The fact that I don't participate if I end up having to go to the new Mass (at all) is a big issue for them too. 

Re: Anti-trad parents of girlfriend - tradne4163 - 04-01-2013

I know I sound like a broken record, but go to the Blessed Sacrament. Our Lord will guide you and give you the strength. Pray hard for your girlfriend while you're there. This is likely the decision point for her. Whatever you do, keep a peaceful disposition.

Re: Anti-trad parents of girlfriend - Allan - 04-01-2013

Don't know how to tell you this but her parents hating you tends to work in your favour.  Statistically anyway. 

Re: Anti-trad parents of girlfriend - cgraye - 04-01-2013


Re: Anti-trad parents of girlfriend - Fontevrault - 04-01-2013

When last you discussed this topic here, you did have some recommendations to let her choose between you and her parents.  In a way, it is good that you didn't have to ask her to choose.  Now, whatever happens, it is all on her parents.  I know it isn't easy but she really does need to choose a side.  She either has the strength to do what she knows is right when her parents say otherwise or she doesn't.  Step back, tell her how you feel, ask her what she wants to do, and give her time to figure it out.  Then be big about it if she decides that you two need to break up.  It probably isn't her choice. 

HUGS and prayers for all concerned!

Re: Anti-trad parents of girlfriend - per_passionem_eius - 04-01-2013


Re: Anti-trad parents of girlfriend - Anastasia - 04-01-2013

I'm really sorry this is happening, that her parents are forcing her to make a decision so soon.  :pray2:

Re: Anti-trad parents of girlfriend - JayneK - 04-01-2013


Re: Anti-trad parents of girlfriend - JacafamalaRedux - 04-01-2013

:pray2: What matters is what the girlfriend thinks about tradition. Just continue to be and courteous to her folks. If end up you married and have children, they will learn to love you.  I've seen it happen.

Re: Anti-trad parents of girlfriend - LongfellowDeeds - 04-01-2013

You've got my prayers, comrade.