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Catholic Library - IXOYE - 02-27-2014

Does anyone know of a organized list/library of a lot of writings from catholic/christian saints and people? Im looking for some stuff, some I know what the subject matter is some I don't, and I need a library like atmosphere to find it, even if its online.

Re: Catholic Library - VoxClamantis - 02-27-2014

This might help some :) :

Re: Catholic Library - Heorot - 02-27-2014

Many of the Church Fathers have works on NewAdvent's encyclopedia:

Re: Catholic Library - Deidre - 02-27-2014

There's this one:

This one:

and this one:

And then there's always Internet Archive's advanced search page (my go-to source when I'm looking for books published before 1923):

Re: Catholic Library - Ptochos - 02-28-2014

this site has Christian writers from the whole spectrum but they have a good healthy chunk of the Fathers, which is what i visit them for?

Re: Catholic Library - iona_scribe - 02-28-2014

Someone posted this recently and I thought it was awesome...the list from Fr. Hardon's "The Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan":

Re: Catholic Library - IXOYE - 03-02-2014

Great thank you everyone !  :)