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Controlling rheumatoid arthritis with Ayurveda - jewin01 - 08-26-2014

Pain in the joints accompanied with inflammation in the hip, feet, ankles, lower back etc. are the most common symptoms and the pain is excruciatingly difficult which rheumatoid arthritis ayurvedic treatment the most sought after treatment method as other areas of medicine offer just to suppress the pain but the condition recurs after the course of medication. According to Ayurveda, this disease is called as ‘Ama Vata’ and the treatment methods are generally effective depending upon the stage and type of response. Some people respond to the medications better than others either due to their body physiology or due to their belief and trust in the system of Ayurveda. Fasting is initially done to digest the unwanted accumulated toxins and after this procedure the body is purified with naturally herbal purgatory medicines which ensure that the body is cleared of all unnecessary foreign matters that will hinder the medicine’s therapeutic effects. In the next stage the symptoms are controlled with Ayurvedic concoctions and other herbal ‘lehyams’ which may not seem as a delight to the taste buds but their therapeutic potency to subside the symptoms are to be acknowledged and it is also essential that these medicines must be taken at the prescribed times following the instructions given. Some medicines are to be taken before food to prevent wind/gas formation whereas others just after food or maybe even an hour after food. These instructions are to be strictly followed and adequate rest with diet control and intake of foods that are light on the bowel and easy to digest are preferred.

Re: Controlling rheumatoid arthritis with Ayurveda - Clare Brigid - 08-26-2014

Namaste.  :asianbow:

Re: Controlling rheumatoid arthritis with Ayurveda - MiriamB - 08-26-2014

This sounds like an advert to me.