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Interview with Kasper - Renatus Frater - 10-15-2014

So, today was published an interview with Kasper. I must warn you: take a deep breath before reading it, because his plain illogicality and modernism even hurts the brain.

He claims there is a growing majority of people approving of his “solution”. Which, of course, is counter to what is being published in venues such as Rorate. But of course, its just useless discussing this point since apparently the Gestapo is running the Synod.

He then goes on to say how Africans and Asians are just too different, and they hold to their little “taboos” (that is, the teaching of at least five thousand years old that was preserved by the Church in the last two thousand years).
When asked if the concern of Africans are listened to, he says that, and this is a quote, “ No, the majority of them [who hold these views won’t speak about them]. (sic)”, and they are only listened in Africa. He then says that the “problem of the Africans” cannot be resolved in general terms, and that “ [The Africans] should not tell us too much what we have to do.”.

But here's the catch: he is asked if he cares at all that the faithful are concerned about his proposals: he says that he is only familiar with the Germans (and part of England).
So, the Africans cannot tell “us” what to do, but the Germans can!!

And there is even a more sinister thing going on on the background of the interview: the teaching of the Church, the Traditions, even rational thinking!, is being ignored in favor of democracy. The implicit issue assumed by all his answers (and he claims the Pope is with him in all this) is that whatever the majority of the laity wants (in Germany, of course), that should be the law of the Church.

There is another issue that I if he didn't get until know he'll not get in this life: when asked if he worries that the faithful are concerned that the teaching is being abandoned, he simply says that marriage will not be dissolved. But the question that a multitude have asked is, what then? Any other relationship would clearly be adultery. So, adultery (consistently one of the worst sins of the Bible) is OK now?
And then he goes on to babble, in a very modernist (modernist in the strictest of senses) way, on how the Gospels are different and whatnot.

Re: Interview with Kasper - Freudentaumel - 10-17-2014

The link from Zenit is down because Kasper has claimed that he has never given the interview.

To the German Catholic news magazine he said:
"I am shocked. I have never talked about Africans like that, and I would never talk about Africans like that. I assert that nobody from Zenit has introduced himself to me in the past weeks, nobody has asked me for an Interview, and I did not give an Interview to anybody from Zenit."

As a reaction, the journalist who published the interview put the audio file of the interview on his website, proving that he reported everything as it was said and proving Kardinal Kasper an unblushing liar.

Re: Interview with Kasper - Renatus Frater - 10-17-2014

Yes, liar. And liberals are still defending him. Imagine if Burke were to say such a thing.
And I've learned he said something quasi-racist about some airport in London: that it looked like an airport from a third-world country. Then he went on to explain that it wasn't because the airport was bad, it was because there were many ethnicities there. So basically just saying the airport is neat, but still offending persons  :LOL:

I don't know where this guy gets the courage to say, for instance, Müller, is unmerciful. Frankly, I know this is a harsh statement, but I believe he's a heretic. I really don't see how he can be in the Church still. He should just give up his red hat and leave us alone.

By the way, I can't listen to the audio on that website. I've read people were able to listen to it and confirm it, but it doesn't play here for me.

Re: Interview with Kasper - Freudentaumel - 10-17-2014

(10-17-2014, 07:23 AM)Renatus Frater Wrote: By the way, I can't listen to the audio on that website. I've read people were able to listen to it and confirm it, but it doesn't play here for me.
I think it's because of the strange file format. You can download the file here and then listen to it with some media player: