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Burked finally removed (demoted) - ArturoOrtiz - 11-08-2014

Putting the official stamp on months of rumours and what LifeSite had confirmed on Sept. 17, the Vatican announced today that Pope Francis has removed Cardinal Raymond Burke from his position as prefect of the Vatican's Apostolic Signatura - the highest court of the Catholic Church.

Instead, the cardinal, who until today was the highest ranking American at the Vatican, will be sent to serve as the patron for the Order of the Knights of Malta.

The move to the largely ceremonial position is almost universally being reported as a demotion for the outspoken cardinal, who is widely viewed as the number one English-speaking defender of the Catholic Church's teaching on life and family issues.

However, the move by Pope Francis comes as little surprise to observers of Cardinal Burke's career. Within months of the pope's election, he removed the cardinal from his position as a member of the Congregation for Bishops, where he had been able to exert considerable influence on bishops' appointments worldwide. Instead, Burke was replaced by cardinals with a more leftist reputation, including Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster, and Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington.

Pro-life and pro-family leaders reacted to that lesser demotion at the time with dismay, expressing concerns that it had the flavor of a purge aimed at lessening the cardinal's influence.

Vatican experts, including Crux's John Allen and Catholic News Service's Francis Rocca, are reporting that it is rare for a cardinal in such a high position at the Vatican to be removed without being assigned similar responsibilities.

For years, the pro-life and pro-family movements have looked to Cardinal Burke as their strongest champion at the Vatican.

In recent weeks, he led the charge against the push by some prelates, most notably Cardinal Walter Kasper, to liberalize the Church's pastoral practice relating to divorced and remarried Catholics, and the issue of homosexuaity.

In a series of interviews he strongly defended traditional Catholic teaching on marriage, and criticized the way the Vatican's recent Synod on the Family was conducted. Some of those interviews were also perceived as being critical of Pope Francis himself - although Cardinal Burke has decried such interpetations, saying, "I don't ever put myself in opposition to the successor of St. Peter."

The cardinal is perhaps best known for his staunch insistence that ministers of communion have  a duty to withhold the Eucharist from public and obstinate sinners - in particular Catholic politicians who have supported abortion or same-sex "marriage."

Replacing Cardinal Burke at the Apostolic Signatura will be French Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, currently the pope’s foreign minister.


Re: Burked finally removed (demoted) - VoxClamantis - 11-09-2014

Well. This is bad. Really bad. Pretty nauseous, actually. I guess we can only pray and hope and trust that the Holy Ghost won't allow anything that'd appear to touch doctrine (or to touch it in fact).

I miss Benedict...

Re: Burked finally removed (demoted) - Cyriacus - 11-09-2014

Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. Since Burke will be removed from the curia, he will likely avoid the backlash that might eventually emerge against the present efforts. It is possible that, when the pendulum swings in the other direction, this might even prove to be an asset.

Re: Burked finally removed (demoted) - formerbuddhist - 11-09-2014

I don't know how this demotion could possibly be a good thing. The message is clear: shape up or ship out.  even if this leaves a certain freedom for Cardinal Burke to say what he wants to disaffected conservatives on the conference circuit he's still branded as a troglodyte pariah who was given the boot by the Pope for not towing the Vatican II party line.

As long as Francis is Pope its nineteen seventy something all over again.

Re: Burked finally removed (demoted) - SCG - 11-09-2014

(11-09-2014, 03:15 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: I miss Benedict...

I do too.

Re: Burked finally removed (demoted) - Leonhard - 11-09-2014

(11-09-2014, 03:15 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: I miss Benedict...

I became a catholic under Pope Francis, but what I've read of Benedict makes me wish I'd been a catholic during his pontificate.

Re: Burked finally removed (demoted) - formerbuddhist - 11-09-2014

(11-09-2014, 11:13 AM)Leonhard Wrote:
(11-09-2014, 03:15 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: I miss Benedict...

I became a catholic under Pope Francis, but what I've read of Benedict makes me wish I'd been a catholic during his pontificate.

I came in during the Benedictine pontificate and boy did I take it for granted! I too miss him;he wasn't perfect but he was solid compared to this Francis clown.  I wish Benedict would come back and resist him to the face, like Paul resisting Peter in the gospels. I suppose he thinks that his silent prayer and sacrifice is more important though.

It's nice to know he, Benedict, is still offering Mass every day for the good of the Church. I wonder if in private he offers the traditional Rite?

Re: Burked finally removed (demoted) - Heorot - 11-09-2014

I am actively beginning to pray that Pope Francis steps down and resigns within a reasonably short number of years. I do not wish death or sickness on him, and I desire his blessedness in Heaven. I also desire the blessedness of all souls in Heaven, and it is for that reason that I want this Pope out. It's like the heresy of Pope John XXII all over again - but unlike the 1300s, no theologian has the balls to correct the Pope this time. That's probably because they all agree with him.

I may sound grouchy or angry or even uncharitable... but Pope Francis is not a teacher. He is a modern Jesuit, through-and-through. He is certainly good at loving people, and you can see the joy in his eyes when he kisses the sick and suffering and holds them... but he could easily do that as a lay-person. Anyone can do that. Even my very quiet, novus ordo German priest-friend said "he isn't Catholic" within my ear-shot.

I love Francis... he is a son of God through baptism into Christ, receiving the Holy Spirit... but he speaks and acts in ways that are hurting us. This is saddening.

Re: Burked finally removed (demoted) - Magdalene - 11-09-2014

We knew, and he knew, that this was coming.  And in a way it shows even more the holiness of the man for it was something that happened to many saints--to be exiled, demoted, and persecuted from within the Church.  I know I rather thought that was something belonging to centuries past but here it is again.  Many saints who founded Orders were ousted.  Just think: the Carmelites of the time tried to kill St. John of the Cross.  And recall that St. Charles Borromeo was shot at by monks.  Those who uphold the truth and the teachings of Christ are always a sign of contradiction! And disliked by the world and those who want to compromise with the world.  I admire Cardinal Burke for his courage and his speaking out which is so needed now when our shepherds are confusing us and some are saying and doing things contrary to the faith.

I also miss Pope Benedict.

Re: Burked finally removed (demoted) - Heorot - 11-09-2014

I just want to clarify that I believe Francis is The Pope, and I would rather he clarify his beliefs and plans than resign. It makes me sad to say what I said in the post above, but it cannot be deleted now. I vastly prefer improvement to destabilization. My first prayer is that Francis be faithful to his office, and that I be less of a hypocrite.

Sometimes there is a big conflict in all of us. We want an orthodox Pope, but we do not trust the Holy Spirit to communicate the Father's mercy to us even through a "bad" Pope. When we have an ambiguous pope, or a pope who has the "wrong focus" for our personal preferences - like Francis - we can easily say "away with him". I am sad that Burke is gone, but I am waiting for the redemption of Israel.