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The Palestinian Quagmire - DeoDuce - 05-24-2015

The above link is to a blog that I frequently read and I think this mans analysis of the situation is pretty dang good. I would post it here, like others do with articles, but it is quite long. In essence it discusses role Israel plays, indirectly that is, in the election of groups such as Hamas or Hezbollah. Because of Israel's oppression of Palestine it puts people there in a desperate situation so they vote for these terrorist groups who feed them and provide them with medical care. He relates it to how the German people voted for Hitler because he promised to feed them and they were in a desperate situation due to the sanctions after WW1. Oh the Irony.

Give it a read! There is also other great stuff on the blog.

God Bless.

Re: The Palestinian Quagmire - Ave Castitatis Lilium - 05-24-2015

The Israeli state had a very direct role in the creation of Hamas. The secular Palestinian resistance was growing very strong so they funneled money into the relatively minor Islamic resistance group, Hamas, in order to divide and conquer the opposition. Now they complain about getting hit by bottle rockets and demand foreign aid because their neighbors inexplicably hate them, in spite of never doing anything ever to provoke or fuel violence.

Re: The Palestinian Quagmire - DeoDuce - 05-26-2015

That is very interesting! I did not know that but it does not suprise me in the least