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The Great Facade? - ArturoOrtiz - 12-18-2015

Has anyone ever managed to read this book? I have a copy sitting on my bookshelf that I bought a while back but I have not managed to read it. I have heard many trads reccomend this book but I have heard others who have said that it is very unbalanced and uncharitable. For those who have actually read this book how accurate and balanced is it?

Re: The Great Facade? - Poche - 12-18-2015

Why don't you read it and tell us what you think?

Re: The Great Facade? - salus - 12-18-2015

It's a very good truthful book, read it.

Re: The Great Facade? - winoblue1 - 12-20-2015

I read it years ago and it is excellent and I highly recommend it.

Re: The Great Facade? - Estevao - 12-22-2015

No I haven't but I notice there is a second edition out just this september.