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Crazy Mass - VoxClamantis - 12-29-2015

How's he gonna top that next Sunday? Baton-twirling? Fire-eating? A little stand-up?

Show biz is hard work. At least he doesn't have to work with kids or animals.

Re: Crazy Mass - PrairieMom - 12-29-2015

He's been, *ahem* suspended.

Re: Crazy Mass - Credidi Propter - 12-30-2015

(12-29-2015, 11:56 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: He's been, *ahem* suspended.

Who knows?  Maybe the priest is an otherwise good and holy priest who just made a frivolous mistake, and that all it will take to get him back on track is a little fraternal correction from his bishop.  That's what bishops are supposed to do.  It's nice to hear he's acting like one.

Re: Crazy Mass - Dominicus - 12-30-2015

What in the world sort of contraption is he riding? I've never seen such a thing.

Re: Crazy Mass - Poche - 12-30-2015

Is the priest disabled? Does he have difficulty walking?