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Pray the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem! - Jexp - 03-23-2016


We are 2 days before Good Friday and this year you will have the opportunity to Pray the Way of the Cross along the REAL Via Dolorosa in Old Jerusalem.

This year I have decided to give FREE watch, until Easter, of my 28 minutes video of the Via Dolorosa Experience - a procession along the 14 stations of the cross through out the markets of old Jerusalem.

One testimonial out of thousands viewers has really touched my hart "the Friday procession of the via dolorosa along the streets and markets of old Jerusalem made me feel how it was during the time of Jesus - the street and markets of old Jerusalem  are filed with people minding their business before the weekend while Jesus walking, carrying this cross and a group of followers trailing him. Some people stand and watch from the side, while other still walking by  heading to finish their tasks before the Shabat (Jewish Saturday) enter - what an experience".

Here is the video Tesimonial:

Here is the link to the video in English:

Here is the ling to the video in Spanish:

Happy Easter everyone :)

Your friend in Jerusalem.