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Hamvention? - dahveed - 05-20-2016

Hello all,
I don't know if anyone else is interested and/or in the area, but my eldest daughter and I will be at Dayton's Hamvention today, and possibly return tomorrow with all of the younger four children. I am mildly a ham (Technician class license), and we starting going again last year. I'm mostly active in our local amateur radio emergency service group, not much for contesting. But, if anyone's interested, I look rather unfortunately like my bobblehead, and will be accompanied by the nicest seventeen year-old I know.  :grin:

Re: Hamvention? - RedCaves - 05-20-2016

I am currently living in that city. Heck, I could get there in a few minutes!

But I'm not much of a radio aficionado.

I would like to go and say hi to a fellow Fishie, but I assume you'd would want to spend time with your family instead.

Have fun!

P.S. I recommend you go to the Oregon District. Fun stuff over there (Music, shops, food, etc.)