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My first Conession in 41 years - Julia Augusta - 06-27-2017

Thanks to all who responded to my previous post inquiring about how to prepare for Confession. I went at 11:00 today and I was able to speak to Father for an hour about a lot of things. 

Then I went to an SSPX midday Latin Mass (Traditional, ad orientem) at Notre Dame de Consolation here in Paris and received Communion. I feel whole. I have come home.

I wish I had a Latin Missal though because I could barely understand what was happening and I only managed to join in during the Kyrie, Confiteor, Sanctus, Pater Noster and Ave Maria. 

If any of you go to Paris, make sure you go to Mass at Notre Dame de Consolation. It is a beautiful small church.

RE: My first Conession in 41 years - Florus - 06-27-2017

Glory to God! I remember my first confession after years of being away from Christ. God granted me much consolation after that confession, and I am sure he is doing the same for you. Thank God for this grace, and pray that you may forever continue in repentance and prayer, living according the commands of God.

RE: My first Conession in 41 years - 51olds - 06-27-2017

Wow! That is awesome; what a great grace. Congratulations on coming back!

RE: My first Conession in 41 years - jovan66102 - 06-27-2017

Welcome home! Deo gratias!

RE: My first Conession in 41 years - Miriam_M - 06-28-2017

I'm glad you resolved this, Julia.
Make sure you stay committed to a sacramental life.  The best way to do that is to remain within Tradition, where the Sacraments are paramount and taken very seriously.