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Pleasantly Surprised - Bonaventure - 06-29-2017

If some of you recall, for Lent I made it a goal to attend daily mass.  As the TLM offered is a bit out of my way, especially when I'm busy with work, I've been attending the church nearest me, which is a Novus Ordo church. Though I started to go to mass daily, with the goal of making it to the end of Lent, I've continued since.  I don't make it every day, but I try to make it whenever work doesn't get in the way.  I've also been trying to go to the TLM at least twice a week, during the work-week (always attend it on Sunday).  When pressed for time, I go to the Novus Ordo church closest to me.  School is now out, so I don't have to sit through the guitar/piano masses.  :D 

Looks like this parish is getting a new priest.  A young one.  But that's not for a few more weeks.  The old priest is apparently now retired (or gone to another parish), and in his stead there has been an interim priest (at least for the daily masses--don't know about the others as I don't attend them).  Last week I was attending this Novus Ordo parish, and the replacement priest was presiding.  To my surprise, though, I could almost follow along with my little red 1962 TLM missal.  Nothing was in Latin, but the priest was doing everything in English (ad populum).  Don't recall ever seeing that before.

Today I attended the Novus Ordo parish again, and again the replacement priest was presiding.  This time, I made sure to pay attention, and was pleasantly surprised that he again celebrated mass, in English, very closely to my 1962 missal. Not 100%, mind you, but about 85% seemed to be in the old Rite.  

Now, normally, the sermons given during this morning mass last a total of 2 minutes, which I'm quite fine with, especially now being used to TLM masses where no sermons are givien during the weekday low masses.  But this replacement priest gave a very long sermon today.  It was about Peter, and all the great things Peter had done.  I was beginning to wonder off, when the priest started taking a slightly different tone.  He mentioned how Peter was not always correct, pointing out that Jesus had once referred to him as Satan after Peter had denied him thrice.  The priest went on to say how we, the people, must know our Catholic faith, so that we know when Peter has gone astray. This piqued my attention.  The priest repeatedly referred to "Peter" and how we do not have to listen to Peter, especially when Peter is obviously incorrect, when Peter was not in line with the magisterium, and when Peter was not speaking ex cathedra.  What!?!?  I'd never heard those words in a Novus Ordo church before.  Had my ears deceived me!?  It was at that moment that I felt that I had been struck with what seemed like a smack to the forehead!  Instead of the usual ecumenism/liberation theology I was accustomed to at this, and just about every other parish I had been to outside of the ones who offered TLM, here was a priest who was, in a very subtle way, directly criticizing the Francis!  I. Was. Shocked.  I wondered how many others present, most of whom were elderly, understood what he was saying.  In the end, I guess it didn't really matter.  Here was a priest who was preaching authentic Catholicism, and that's all that mattered.

After mass, I made it a point to go up to the priest, shake his hand, and thank him for speaking Truth.